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93.68% gains received in

32 weeks since Christmas is

2.92% average. Weekly.

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$5k at that rate exceeds
$8,960,000 in 2027.

"3% weekly ROI is powerfully compelling."

Life Changing: High, Reliable Returns, Feb 2022

Above: Hurt by stocks and crypto, four bright friends just want something positive, easy, reliable. They love NovaTechFX.

DISCLAIMER: Dare! Chance favors the bold; yet, speculation should be with disposable funds however intriguing the opportunity.

Updates / News

Fri 5 Aug 2022

Returning over 3.6% last week despite the painfully ongoing "Great Crypto Reset", NovaTechFX remains among my most lucrative financial pursuits.

It's Friday again in Washington, D.C., another positive-gain NovaTechFX payday -- our 32nd in a row! -- with earnings personally verified by ecstatic members.

NovaTechFX just paid all members 3.64% gains for the week ending today, despite stocks, bonds, gold/silver, and "crypto" all delving towards Hell.

Thank you, NovaTechFX, for reaping and sharing with us 32 weeks of blessings (and many more weeks for those who began sooner)! NovaTechFX is weekly proving itself to be reliable, stable, powerful, accessible and truly life-changing to anyone.

-- Mykl Bren / / 202-916-7800

Interview   Apr 2022

Mykl Bren interviewed by Alex Escobar, Screw The Stock Market

Join NovaTechFX to support Alex Escobar's "Screw The Stock Market" podcast which explores alternative investment opportunities.

Recorded before the second-biggest "crypto crash" in May 2022. Nevertheless, NovaTechFX returned 0.6% that week, 1.73% the week after, and was back up to 3.06% by the next week (3 Jun payout date). Even at 'a measley' 0.6% weekly (over 25% yearly!), that still whoppingly bests most else.

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